About Us

We're StackSloth, a software development agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in all things web development. You might be wondering, "What does StackSloth mean?". That's a great question. Truthfully, it was a combination of "stack" meaning layers of technology used to build a product (your tech stack), and a cute sloth to make a logo with. Our name represents a core principal we have that is we don't take ourselves too seriously. We like to build great software, and the reputation of the product we produce is what matters.

Founded in 2023, we have over 10 years of industry experience with cloud platforms, building websites, web applications, mobile applications, and devops work. We've never been able to settle on just one interest -- our passion for technology has lead us to become experts in many different spaces.

We've built mobile applications, created production-grade infrastructure within cloud platforms, developed internal enterprise tools to streamline productivity, built websites that efficiently convey purpose to consumers, all to be used by thousands of users. We have proven experience that only time and passion could build.

Your business is your passion, and we want to help you build your brand in a space that we care so deeply about. Web technologies have held our prime interest for years. Let us use our experience to build you an online presence that truly represents your brand, while providing a great experience for your customers.